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Migrating for Jamaican Men

The question was asked and the answers were phenomenal!

Why do you travel to Jamaica?

The answers were music, Bob Marley, love, romance, sunshine, beaches, food, people and the list goes on and on.

The few that stood out were love/ romance, people, food sunshine/beaches and music.

Therefore viewers I will be elaborating on the most popular reasons why a person visits our beautiful island of Jamaica.

The first thing that I want to tackle is music -Bob Marley. Jamaica is a Caribbean country know for its music, beautiful reggae music, the beat is exceptional and different from any other kind of music.

Music in Jamaica is done with heart, one of the greatest of all time in music is our Icon Bob Marley talk about hits after hits he made it happen and even though today he no longer dwells among the living, his music still lives on, and one thing he always say is “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain” and trust me it is so true, our music is so phenomenal it tells you how to move, the moment you hear our music it is like it becomes one with you, and you are able to just rock to the beat.

Music is one of the biggest part of our culture and we have people to thank for putting us on the mop where that is concern and one such person is the greatest that every lived Robert Nesta Marley.

Not that music is not a great topic to talk about all day but there were other interested reasons mention of why people travel to Jamaica and so therefore another reason is for sunshine. Jamaica is known to have one of the most beautiful sunshine in the Caribbean with the sunshine rising in the east at the dawn of a new day and setting in the west and the end of a beautiful and glorious day that was lived without regrets, there can never be a wasted day in Jamaica with this beautiful sunshine to warm your heart, our sunshine is so significant that even our national flag has the color gold to represent the sunshine of our beautiful island provides each day! How can you not love this place? Think about it a place where you can go to get away from work, from life children and most of all the snow!!! How awesome is that?

Not to mention our many beaches and beautiful white sand and falls! That was another reason that stood out, Jamaica has some of the most cleanest and a beautiful beach in the Caribbean and that is without a doubt a fact. Picture a day in paradise and tell me what come to mind?

Paradise awaits pack your bags and let’s go! Jamaica Awaits!

Above all the love and romance, the sunshine and the beaches something else does stand out about Jamaica, it does keep people coming back time after time, our beautiful Caribbean people, Jamaicans are warm and friendly to everyone who visits the island, there is never a dull moment in the life of a traveller once the trip was to Jamaica, it is always a time well spent and we do pride themselves in ensure that you had a great time so that you will always want to visit.

We are talented and phenomenal people who can do just about anything we put their hearts to.

This could not be over unless I talk about our food! Jamaica has some of the best naturally grown food to eat, and I think this is why Jamaica produces such healthy people lol! Talk about our ackee and salt fish which is our national dish, our yam and banana, our variety of fruits to choose from where food is concern the response were endless.

Jamaica is a small island but with great possibility that will change your lives for ever! One of our other great artists sings a song that says “What a nice place to live, sweet jam down” I know that many of you will be packing your bags soon after reading this.

And finally there is love and romance which got the highest in our reasons to travel to Jamaica I guess the speculations were true! Jamaica is in fact one of the best places to find true love, and yes love does exist, on a beautiful island in the Caribbean called Jamaica! Ladies are you still home or your online order your tickets or booking that cruise to Jamaica that you have been waiting to do all you life!




Loves awaits you in paradise, no more lonely nights face booking and twittering unless it is with that fabulous man you met while vacationing in Jamaica.

I was told that Jamaica is one of the best destinations to find love and romance, tell me readers do you believe this is true?

Is Jamaica still the place to find that prince charming who will love you unconditionally? Or that queen who will worship the ground you walk on?

I would love to hear more on this topic from travellers, what are your views and your thoughts?

Is love lost and can only be rediscovered in Jamaica land we love?

Are Jamaican men a complete package, the all you’re looking for in a man and beyond? Love is a very special and unique thing and it is very hard to say but not everyone possesses the quality to love unconditional however during my survey it was observed that Jamaica men are more likely to love a woman straight from the heart without any bias one female said and I quote, “When they love they love without control,” lol! Tell me travelers is this a fact that you can agree to?


Jamaica does have some of the sexiest men alive, great body mass, attractive ways and a unique sense of humour.


There should be no guessing where love is concern because it does exist; it is just that some of us never find it because we are looking in the wrong places…. To find love we must change our patterns, come out of our comfort zone and travel to Jamaica land we love!


Where paradise awaits and the man of your dreams! You will never be the same when you take that vacation you have been planning for all your life to Jamaica a land of natural beauty.

Readers I cannot be wrong Stella did get her groove back in Jamaica lol.

Until then readers, travel to Jamaica for your next vacation, let loose have fun and create memories that will last for a life time.

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