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It’s Black, It’s White: Interracial Relationships

I wrote an article on the different types of relationships and I have received some positive feedback. Today I will be continuing on the topic of relationships, not sure if I will write another article on it but who knows? I have always seen couples everywhere I go, whether it is at church, work, on the road, at the mall, where ever you go you are bound to see a couple or two. What I realize is that just like food or clothing there are different assortments of people as well as couples. You have young couples, old couples, dependent couples, black couples, white couples but most recently there are interracial couples. Not that I am saying there wasn't any in the old days but during those times they weren't so prevalent, they weren't so brave to be seen together in public, most of the time they weren’t socially accepted. Even today some people still frown upon the idea.


So here are a few things to consider when going into an interracial relationship:



  • Reality of the Relationship


In today's society, interracial relationships are becoming quite popular. There will be differences faced with in an interracial relationship; there is nothing wrong with that. There will be a lot of upturned noses and some gazes when out in public, but most people will think that you are not together as a couple. What I have come to realize is that people often find it strange to see an interracial couple, mainly because it is not what they are used to but mostly because they don’t look like yourself- as in your skin color is not the same. To some couples in these kinds of relationships, it has become normalized whilst on the other hand, it is somewhat offensive to other people. Especially when they assume that your boyfriend or girlfriend who is white is your friend and vice-versa, their assumptions are endless and pretty wild.

  • Learn More about each other's culture


In interracial relationships, you will see things differently, and that is ok! You will believe in different things the same you would with a family member or friend. The faith of your partner might be different from yours, this will be due to their cultural background, therefore, get to know and understand your partner’s culture.  It’s meaningful to be able to catch up more about how other people do things or understand the world. Even you will be learning something new about yourself and your culture here, you the opportunity to find out more about your customs, this is because you will feel indebted to learn more about your own culture and background. Then there is the and we all love food! I know I do. In certain cultures, there are different exotic meals. In some cultures, the meals are spicier than others. While getting to learn about your partner’s favorite cuisines you yourself are open to new experiences.





  • What your children will look like


You will consider having children in any relationship, especially if you are married or are planning to get married. You will wonder what your children will look like will they have the same color as their father who is white or their mother who is black or maybe a mixture that leads to him or her having a light skin tone.

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  1. Jack January 11, 2018 at 5:14 pm Reply

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    1. RTJ Blogger January 12, 2018 at 12:17 pm Reply

      That is so amazing.

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