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Disaster on our tours?

Sorry for the late posts readers. I got on a ride and came upon writer’s block! Hahaha!

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Here we go then.

In today’s article, I will be discussing Disasters and its impact. Hope you enjoy reading.

When disaster strikes there isn’t much that can be done, especially if it happens so suddenly. The worse times for disasters to happen is when you least expect it, guess that is why it is called a disaster. Disasters are happening all around us and it is taking a lot of lives with it too. I can tell you that a lot of lives have been impacted by one form of disaster to another. Don’t believe me? Google it or watch CNN or BBC.Recently there has been some heavy rains that led to some tragedy in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Recently there has been some torrential downpour in Montego Bay, Jamaica and due to this life in the second city was at a tremendous standstill. Lives were affected as well as businesses and tour highlights were stopped for a while. This type of disaster has not occurred for many years and now to see it happen right at our back door surfaces tons of emotions within oneself. I for one was scared out of my mind. I had a normal shift of 10:00 am to 6:00 pm that day and to tell you, I was trapped at my place of work for an extra two or three hours until the rain let up and even then I had to wait some more until the roads were cleared. Montego Bay was in a state of panic and devastation when you see the amount of damage that took place. Cars piling on top of each other and the roads were extremely destroyed as if a hurricane visited. The sewage system overflowed leaving this beautiful city in muck and smell. Luckily for us, no lives were taken.

I am not writing this article to shine any form of negativity in my city but this needs to be said. We fail to understand that disaster is natural, but I also know that there are some man-made ones too and on that eve both warriors struck! You can not enter into battle by yourself and even when you are battling with thought there are two factors present, your logic and your heart. I guess what I am trying to say is that we are the ones that cause our own demise and the number one factor of that flood was the constant littering. The rain fell and we have drains but the citizens find it hard to throw their garbage into the bins that are provided.

If that hasn’t caught your attention maybe this will. Weeks after that incident in Montego Bay rain poured once again and lots of tours were missed. Some tourists exited their cruise ship and didn’t see their tour buses and had to take alternatives. Some hopped on the back of trucks and other took local taxis. I for one would say that is not your normal tourist experience at all, that there is the real Jamaica!

Just day or two ago another one occurred, though this is not as drastic as the others and you might not class it as a disaster, it did impact people’s time. The traffic had to be redirected into the town of Falmouth, and anyone who has ever been to Falmouth knows that the town is quite small. Cruise ships had to be delayed on their return journeys-lots of people were late back to said cruise ship. There were vehicles stuck in traffic for hours and if you have ever been stuck in traffic before you know that it is over the moon frustrating.

Regardless of any disaster, Jamaica is always open for fun! The sunshine is always there and the spirit of the people is always high. As one of my most favorite authors and public figures of all times always say:



My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. Maya Angelou

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